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This blog is dedicated to the discussion of cloth diapers in terms of their human, ecological and economic effects, impacts and potential.  The plan is it will be primary written by Dennis Frederick the Owner and CEO of All Together Enterprises.  OsoCozy is a brand name for our company’s infant cloth diapering products.  Our purpose is to add our voice to the growing chorus of the sustainability movement and to help maintain the cloth diaper industry’s business values in the face of a growing presence of corporate type businesses that see the cloth diaper industry as just another market to exploit and not as something that serves people and planet first and that earns a profit by maintaining those priorities.  We want to do our part to keep the cloth diaper industry’s values as those that come from the heart, based on the values of  the  family owned business model where we truly care about our customers, their babies well being and the long term well being of our planet.

About Our Company

OsoCozy products were formerly referred to as All Together Diapers or were just referred to as generic products such as prefolds or wipes.  This was the case from about 1997 to 2008.  During much of this time cloth diapers were to some extent a generic commodity and we were selling to either the small niche of home washing cloth diaper user or to the relatively few diaper services that survived the diaper service crash of the 1990s (more on this below).  We decided to brand our products in 2008 and created the OsoCozy brand.

Our recent branding aside the origins of our company go all the way back to 1991 when our owner became involved in a Utah based cloth diaper service named Mothers’ Little Helper.  This service operated in a three county area in the areas surrounding and inclusive off Salt Lake City, Utah.  This diaper service was unique in that we offered three types of diapers to our customer whereas the vast majority of diaper services offered and still offer prefold diapers as their only choice.  Mothers’ Little Helper offered both a fitted diaper and an all in one diaper.  These diapers became the first All Together Diapers and just before the time our diaper service was closing (1997) they became the primary offerings of one of the Internet’s first cloth diapering web stores at http://www.clothdiaper.com.  ClotDiaper.Com had both retail and wholesale sections until we created a separate website http://www.alltogetherdiaper.com for wholesale sales in about 2002.  ClothDiaper.Com is still part of our company and now offers a much greater variety of cloth diapering products in addition to OsoCozy products.

In 1999 we began selling prefolds on a wholesale basis that were imported from Mexico.  We latter moved our prefold and flat diaper production to Pakistan and eventually started importing from China as well.  We still make our organic prefolds, organic flat diapers, fitted, all-in-ones and some accessories in the USA.  Today we consider OsoCozy to be the largest and best supplier of prefold and flat diapers in North America.  When you include bleached, unbleached, packaged, unpackaged, organic, Indian cotton, Chinese cotton, traditional and Better Fit, flat and prefolds we have over 30 different flat and prefold skus to choose from (as of October 2011).   Additional types and sizes will become available in the next year.  Our company is focused on providing a strong variety of affordable cloth diapering choices.

The OsoCozy Brand Name

The brand name is meant to have two meanings.  The first is the phonic meaning “ohh so cozy”.  Meaning nice and soft and comfortable.  A traditional selling point for cotton cloth diapers.  We wanted a catchy easy to remember brand name and after literally trying hundreds of word combinations we came up with OsoCozy.  The second meaning is a mix of English and Spanish.  “Oso” is Spanish for bear.  Hence the logo which includes a bear.  Followed by “cozy” with the traditional English meaning.  We did this because of our belief that the growing Hispanic community in North America is a natural market for cloth diapers for two reasons.  The first reason is that in general the Hispanic community is industrious and hard working and thus the additional effort of washing cloth diapers is not as big of a deal as it is to the Anglo community in general that has grown soft, has a sense of entitlement, is more reliant on the convenience of throw away products and is less adverse to wasting resources.  A much higher percentage of Hispanic families were diapered in cloth diapers (los pañales de tela) in the past generation than in the Anglo population that has to a large degree lost its family memory of cloth diapers.

The second reason is economics.  Although the Hispanic population is very diverse and it is dangerous to over generalize, Hispanic families on average have a household income that is about 2/3 that of the white population.  Cloth diapers are by far the more economical choice and we believe as all families further adjust to tough economic times and to a lower average standard of living, cloth diapers will become a necessity for a growing number of North American households.  Recognition of the importance of the Hispanic market is why our packaging contains duel language instructions when ever possible.

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